My pet is healthy – why do they need an exam?

My pet is healthy – why do they need an exam?


Several times a week, our receptionists will receive a call where the caller “only wants a Rabies shot”.  These pet owners often are not trying to save a dollar, rather they have not been educated on the importance of the yearly exam.  We often hear “my cat never goes outside or my dog doesn’t leave my backyard, she doesn’t need vaccinated, does she?”.

That depends on each individual.  Here at Healing Paws Veterinary Care our goal is to keep your pet healthy throughout the early years in life so that they stay healthy and live longer than a pet without regular veterinary care.  Remember, each cat or dog year is like 7 human years.  Do you see your doctor and dentist at least once every 7 years? Especially as an elementary schooler or teenager?  Cats and dogs often are kept home and not taken to the vet between the ages of 1-7.

This is like your child not seeing the doctor or dentist from age 7 until age 49!   Pets need regular medical and dental care as well.  If seen by the veterinarian each year, the doctor will fully assess your pet’s health first and address any medical needs, and then decide which vaccines may or may not be appropriate for your pet.  Vaccines are very important to protect your pet and to protect people from diseases transmittable to humans such as Rabies and Leptospirosis.

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However, the first priority is to know about your pet’s wellness and how to keep them well.  Many pets, especially cats, are excellent at hiding signs of medical or dental problems. Think about this – in the wild if they show signs of problems, what happens to them?

Your veterinarian is highly trained to be able to use a good physical exam and even bloodwork profiles to help sleuth out early signs of illness. If found early, many illnesses can be treated and reversed or greatly slowed and your pet can live longer because you took them for a yearly exam!

Once the doctor has deemed your pet to be in good health, at Healing Paws Veterinary Care you will work together with the doctor to determine which diseases your pet is at risk for and then create a customized preventative care and vaccine program for them.


We believe in customized care, not big box discount vaccines and care.  If you want your pet to be treated like an individual and a family member, and you want them to live longer, please schedule their yearly exam with Healing Paws Veterinary Care and see the difference!


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